Come arrivare


Arrive by Plane:

Vernazza is close to the following cit  ies with airports:

1 ½ hours southeast of Genoa

1 ½ hours northwest of Pisa

2 hours northwest of Florence

3 hours south of Milan

4 ½ hours north of Rome


Arrive by Train:

“Cinque Terre Express” trains run every 30 minutes to Vernazza from the train stations of La Spezia Centrale or Levanto.

For train timetables see


Arrive by Car:

The road to Vernazza and the parking lots were completely destroyed by the natural disaster of October 25, 2011. The road to Vernazza is still under construction and quite difficult to drive. Very limited parking exists for visitors.

If you have a rental car, we recommend parking it in La Spezia or Levanto and taking the train.  To save money, you may wish to return the car before your trip to Cinque Terre OR return it in La Spezia and pick up a new rental car from La Spezia for the next stage of your trip.

If you drive to Vernazza, you should ask your accommodations to book the Vernazza Car Park in advance (€15 per day, with shuttle service from the Car Park to the village entrance.)